Crafting the Next Generation of Dancers


Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu accompanied by classical Carnatic music. It is believed to have derived it's name after sage Bharata Muni, the author of the thesis on dramaturgy – The Natyashastra.

We offer classes for all age groups, sharing good technique from the very beginning. Students have opportunities to perform on stage throughout the year.

Class Information


At a young age, dancers are initiated into learning the basics of Bharatanatyam. These include mastering the correct postures, Adavus and Thalam. We make sure every class is welcoming, encouraging and lots of fun. Students learn age- appropriate routines and have the chance to perform in beautiful costumes.


This level focuses on the elements of Bharatanatyam introduced at the beginner level, building on complex footwork and viniyoga shoklas. Students now progress to the dances Ganesh Kavutuvam, Pushpanjali, Alaripu, and Jathiswaram.Children grow their self-discipline and skills as performers while learning under caring, compassionate teacher.


This level focuses at the advanced level of the elements of Bharatanatyam which includes Shabdam, Padam, and Thillana. As they build their skills, our students become accomplished stage performers and are also encouraged to develop other areas in Abhinayas and Bhedas.


Dance Creations focuses on training the students for Arangetram. This is an intensive training catered towards building stamina and presentation as a soloist. Complex dances such as Varnam and Natanam Adinar grace this level. Please seek an appointment to learn more about these levels.